Casket Raider II

by Casket Raider

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released December 31, 2015


all rights reserved



Casket Raider Nevada

Black thrashing rock 'n' roll

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Track Name: Chained Gut
Rotting human carcasses, dead/deceased
Living ones yelling in fear of being next
Murderous desires of men, murderous
Sickening bloodlust too vile, horrified

Meat from chain/While they breathe/Hear the screams/Hundreds of children bleed out
Kill the young ones/Rape humankind/Denied of will/Decapitation

Cages twisting victims spines, paralyzed
Mangled, broken and afraid, petrified
Never the light shines again, darkened death
Iron through the abdomen, hung up high

Meat from chain... (repeat section)
Kill the young ones...(repeat section)

Flames arise/ Burned alive/Choke on rust/Shoveled in massive graves (ahh)
First you see eyes/Then the darkness/Surrounds the place/Fuck them all to death
Track Name: Ripped To Shreds
Factory of torture
Slaughterhouse of man
Become human cattle
Skinned alive and bred

Staring at the lights, machines grinding
On death row terrifed
Violation of the flesh, never ending
Conveyor of pain

J - Feeding on the weak ones D - Teeth of mutilation
J - Finalize genocide D - Erased from existence

Wreckless chaos/Heavy blood loss/We don't matter/To this planet

Feeding on... (repeat section)

Slain like worthless creatures
Cutthroat slash the veins
Mirror of the horror
Our reflections there

Waste of space, sore on eyes
Killing of the weak, for no crime
Stuff them into rusted cages
Contorts the spine, mangled faces

Factory of...(repeat intro)
Track Name: Coven Ritual
Rise, from your tomb back to walk the earth
As a slave, she is your master
Enter the circle now, ceremony of the dead

Witch: Oh could this be!? It's broken!

Candles blown out, the trees are dying, a rotting smell of centuries
Demonic creature of the bloodlust, repulsive corpse, a killing spree
Many innocent die, quickly, off with their heads

In the search to kill the one at fault, I've got her now, she's mine!

Mob: Afraid/Weakening/Hunted/Magic one
Mob: Kill her/Break the curse/End it/Burn the bitch

In the hands of her stalker
Life fades slowly away to black
Awoken to see my eyes

Breath so cold down her neck, she knows her time is near
So close feel the fear

Staring at her eyes, she looked up to, the red bleeding sky
Resist, I must not, the temptation, immortality
Killing in the name, of my self/final rest awaits again, eternity

Strike with the book that has brought me unrelenting pain
Spells cast of death, incantations, reversed in one way
Death by dead hands, a homicide, of the spellcaster
Now he's in peace, and dies again, this time forever!
Track Name: Enmity
Destructive tendencies, alcohol erased the pain, burnt out from self hatred
Forced alone to live with shame, depression takes grip
Silence or else ridiculed, tormented and scarred, scenarios play through his head

Waging inner body warfare, suffering/suffer all the time
Murderous glaze covers his eyes with self doubt, a spirit dead by loathing

Suicidal masterpiece, awaiting his time, damaged by a lying world and cast aside to die
Crippling insecurities, emotions deranged.

D: Fallacy, trusting everything you have seen
D: All the lies, warped sight of reality

Waging inner...(repeat section)

Dawn arrived way too soon, drugged out thoughts, broken mind

He, he is alone with his wretched thinking
Swallowed by the world, his hidden self to die
And the world goes by
Track Name: Hypothermia
The cold, slow winds of hatred, gnawing away remains of sanity
I'm eaten alive, my heart is preserved, in place, permafrost
Ice rests upon the blood, dead sensation am I still here?
Fainted on the bridge at dusk, my screams frozen in the air

Follow the sounds of the whispers the wind blows
Loner astray blinded by rage no sympathy for our own

Look at the world, people are scared
It's in our heads we are hooked in despair
We are the same/Why do some suffer
Refuse each other/Destroy our home

Belief in this world I have none, from birth, we're all alone
This means that this hell is my own, beginning until end
If I knew where I was going after, I would've died long ago

Follow the...(repeat section)
Loner astray...(repeat section)

Look at the world - Destroy our home...(repeat section)

Disappear to a closed land in their mind, never strong enough to open their eyes
Selfish of time, no one else matters, everyone that lives
Must perish all the same

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