Casket Raider (Self​-​Titled) EP

by Casket Raider

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released March 26, 2015

Naked City Audio, Special thanks to Collin.


all rights reserved



Casket Raider Nevada

Black thrashing rock 'n' roll

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Track Name: Tank! (Casket Panzer)
Not a reason for a murder, voice of reason
Listen to it

Whipped into shape, pound of the drum, march to the beat
Watching always

Slavery found, everyday life, dictatorship leading people

Watch your back
Feel the eyes
Staring down
At your life
With disgust
And hatred
Fire back or
Run away

See the tanks rolling over the hill
Fire rises where the beast has come
Leaving marks of destruction in wake
Creating fear through the use of force

Leave it all behind, run away from death
Never see outside, locked up in a cage
Screaming out good-bye in a painful cry
Body wastes away, swallowed by decay

Structures failing, deadly warfare, system shutting down
Track Name: HK-47
Life taken, mechanic weapon
Built to kill Jedi
Made to burn a hole in meatbags
A machine cold, lifeless loyal
To the one dark lord
Nothing can prevent the slaughter
Hail Revan, sworn to serve, protect
To erase those that
He deems dangerous to the plan
They will fall, merciless murders
Brutal deaths, beatings
Precision shots bring down an army

You fall down close your eyes and beg
For mercy to live
Sharp knife heading into your neck
You gasp for a breath of air but the blood
It flows flooding the lungs, overflowing
Eyes rolling, cannot breath again
Choking on the words
Pleading to be released from its grasp
No movement, another is dead, lifeless corpse to claim
Another one goes into the grave

Watching others fall around you will induce
psychotic fear slowly creates a world that exists solely inside your head

Fear controls all the thoughts of a life that's wasted

Can't recall memory until
Target killed, confirmed
The only way to gain it back
Job fulfilled, heading back for more
Orders sent HK
Leave no other being standing
Time once more to begin deadly
Killing sprees for him
As he wishes so it is done
Sith made this death machine to kill
Anyone who tries
To prevent the conquering of all
Track Name: Quarantined
Trapped in with disease it eats you from the inside out
Mucus blocks airways makes breathing near impossible
Organs are failing the system now losing control
Muscles don't function can't seek help from anybody

Can't stop breathing waiting for death
Can't stop bleeding waiting for death

Dying, crying, trying in vain
Praying to your God that won't save
Feel the disease tear you from the inside to out
Leaving a shell

Skin is now crawling infested with blood filled blisters
Vomit up gallons, leaving you a disgusting mess
Shaking violently the movements are caused by seizures
Bones are weakening can't handle the weight of your frame

Can't stop... (repeat)

Dying, crying...(repeat)

Heart pounding, tight breathing
Entered in through every pore, strips away what used to be
Life wasted, blood tainted
Locked away from the outside, quarantined and left to die

Can't stop... (repeat)

Dying, crying...(repeat)
Track Name: Vorarephilia
A sick fantasy
To fulfill a dream
Being eaten live and whole
Finally the day
It can come complete
A demented thought, swallowed

Devouring the flesh
Horrible appetite
Insane thoughts acting out crazy
Final thoughts creeping in anguish the violent sex
Waiting for the killing evil

Start removing limbs
Boiling the skin
Ignore all the cries, painful
Blood draining from head
Out of every pore
Left a human husk to eat

Devouring... (repeat)

Erotic pleasure
Taking all control
Mind in disarray,twisted
Testosterone high, hormones exploding
Cumming to the thought of death

Passion murder
Homicide pact
Deal has been reached
Body a feast
Screaming louder
Heart beats faster
Nails scratch the wall
Can't move at all
Track Name: Invasion
Buildings, they fall, crashing into the ground
Leaving them in a state of disarray
Soldiers invade their peaceful homeland
To take it all and burn it down to the ground

Feel the flames reaching out, burning your home to the ground
Feel the knife sink into, going deep under the skin
Feel the blood seeping out, from the wounds onto the ground
No return to the land that they once had called their own

Taken for their own needs, no remorse, no mercy
Death to them, what they chant, take it all for their king

It will rage on rivers are running red
The land is just one large burial ground
For those that lived through generations
Taken by force erasing their history

Watching eyes looking out, see the soldiers destroy homes
Suffering, beaten down, greed has caused them to attack

Buildings... (repeat)

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